Who is Caleb Simpson:

  • Founder of Hemp Daddy’s.
  • Hemp Daddy’s produce ‘Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Products’ including CBD Oil, CBD Capsules and Transdermal Cream.
  • Co-Founder of Bearded Bros (Energy Bar Brand) national business in over 2000 locations over the country.
  • Ultramarathon runner (100+km races!!)
  • Father of 3 kids and lives out of an RV

What will you learn in this episode:

  • What is CBD?
  • How did Caleb get the inspiration to start his CBD business?
  • What is the Cannabis plant? What’s the difference between Marijuana and Hemp?
  • How does he physically create his CBD product? What is the extraction process from the plant?
  • How CBD can help with anxiety, stress, depression, cancer and more
  • Best method to take CBD for you.
  • What marketing strategies does Caleb use for Hemp Daddys?
  • Specific SEO tools and techniques you can implement in your business
  • How to market a product when you can’t use paid advertising?
  • How does Caleb split his time focusing on the different tasks of his day?
  • How Caleb overcomes adversity and how you can apply this mindset to your own life?
  • What the future holds for Hemp Daddy’s and Caleb.