Who is Daniel Daines-Hutt:

  • Co-Founder of AmpMyContent & Founder of InboundAscension
  • A true Marketing Expert with knowledge in content marketing, facebook ads/PPC, business, sales,growth hacking, psychology of advertising & more.
  • Daniel’s content has been quoted and referenced by content referenced and shared by the likes of Shopify, Neil Patel, Sean Ellis and GrowthHackers, Digital Marketer, Ryan Deiss, Copyhackers, Nir Eyal and many more
  • His main focus with AmpMyContent is to help build automated traffic systems to help businesses scale their content promotion cost effectively, and increase their sales, and to share how he uses content marketing and promotion to grow.

AmpMyContent Accolades:

  • Content shared by the CEO of Microsoft
  • Top #10 of all time on Inbound.org 
  • Featured 3 Weeks in a row as top content to read by Growthhackers 
  • 50,000 visitors and $3 Million in client requests to a brand new website.
  • 2.7 Million social views of new content and much more

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What’s better to produce more content or promote existing content for your business?
  • Daniel’s personal journey from selling t-shirts to running a successful million dollar business.
  • Why ‘marketing hack’s are BS and it’s better to learn from first principles.
  • How to become an authority figure in your niche
  • How to create effective Facebook Ads that generate a 22:1 Return on Investment ($22 for every $1 spent)
  • How to create amazing content that creates value, trust, authority and also converts for $$$$$
  • Daniel Daines Hutt – dealing with adversity and the challenges of both failure and success 
  • Stoicism and why that will better yourself 
  • Why having a journal is one of the best tools you can have in your life 
  • The importance of learning to say ‘NO’ to opportunities