Who is Deepak Shukla

  • Founder of Pearl Lemon digital marketing group who provide search engine optimisation, lead generation for top UK and International companies.
  • He’s been a featured expert in the Huffinton Post, BBC and TEDx to name a few.
  • As an expert on Quora his answers have been viewed over 19 million times.
  • From humble beginnings, Deepak grew up in London and has now travelled to over 50 countries.
  • He’s a musician, athlete, entrepreneur, property investor & forex trader. Deepak is a man that truly has a wealth of knowledge to share across a plethora of different fields.
  • A true renaissance man who sets himself apart through his honesty & authenticity. This is a must listen episode.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why getting up at 4.30am could be the best decision you make. (Join the 4.30am club?)
  • Why ‘Deep focus’ isn’t a fit for every single person and how multi-tasking brings out the best in Deepak.
  • Typical mistakes you are making as an entrepreneur and the BEST business ideas Deepak has learned in his 10+ years doing business.
  • How to become a better salesperson using intonation, persistence and specific follow up techniques.
  • Deepak Shukla’s personal journey: How Deepak throughout his 20’s suffered with self destruction/ physically abusive relationships which lead to him calling the Samaritans helpline. Deepak then underwent therapy which he goes on to share as one of the best decisions he ever made.
  • How he brings out the best in himself by hiring/surrounding himself with the right people/staff members.
  • Who does he take advice from? Who are his mentors?
  • Book recommendations that have helped him transform his life.
  • Why personal development is something we must all do and some pragmatic actionable steps to begin your own journey.